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A short film following three intertwining stories and the marks we leave on each other’s lives.

Three stories. One painting. Ascent is a short film exploring the marks we leave on each other’s lives, and the desire to access something out of reach. The narrative follows the intertwining stories of characters Adam, a young man feeling the pressures of his work; Laura, an artist struggling to formulate her ideas onto the page; and Emma, a postgraduate undergoing counselling.

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Director / Producer / Editor: Daiki Shinomiya

Director / Writer / Editor: Leoni Fretwell

Director of Photography: Alex Giles

Assistant Director: Charlotte Weston

Assistant Director: Isabel Harrison

Audio: Adam Clark

First AC: Deniz Akbayir

Original Score: Robin Wright & Alexei Peters

Musical Director: Chris Sampson

Soundtrack Mastering Engineer: Johnny Hurst

Soundtrack Mixing Engineer: Daiki Shinomiya

Sound Design: Leoni Fretwell & Daiki Shinomiya

Cast: Angus Thomson, Julia Vredenberg, Anna Goodmaker, Lauren Ewer, Sian Ostler

Casting Directors: Roisin McCay-Hines & Ray Koh

Colourists: Leoni Fretwell & Daiki Shinomiya

Therapy Consultant: Nik Sutherland

Artists: Laura Garratt and Laura Moody

Deer Park Contact: Mark Godfrey

Thelma Hulbert Staff: Ruth Gooding & Anna Aroussi

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