Exeter: Modern Timelessness

Exeter is a city blending rich culture and modern-day innovation. With the new St Sidwell's Point nearing completion, it is a great opportunity to further showcase the synergy of Exeter's historic and future-facing city. 

We propose a project beyond just an image library refresh, and instead, one that tells the city's vast and intricate stories. 


High-quality photography

Stock video footage

Previous Clients and Collaborations

University of Exeter Sport

University of Exeter Guild

EDP Drug & Alcohol

Devon Air Ambulance

Thelma Hulbert Art Gallery

Deer Park Country House

Move Exeter

The Cavern


Not just a simple image library refresh. 

The updating of the general Exeter image library opens an opportunity to further showcase the intersections of history and modernism that the city offers. 

These new images can be used in a campaign showcasing the stories of contemporary Exeter, focusing on the people as well as the city as a whole. It is also an opportunity to highlight historic sites, local businesses, and modern developments. 

We aim to produce visuals that also align with the strategy and Exeter Vision 2040, demonstrating the city's innovation, inclusivity and activity. 

This project will involve a team of professional cinematographers, photographers and drone pilots to fully capture the imagery and culture of Exeter city. 



  • Photos of key locations and venues in Exeter

  • High-quality video captured with a cinema camera 

  • Drone footage by a CAA certified drone pilot* (Available from early July)

Example photos of Exeter and surrounding areas taken by Daiki Shinomiya

Meet the team


Kickstarting a conversation

We would love to schedule a call to chat more about the potential partnership. This call will see if we are a good fit for the project and discuss your vision. 

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