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WatchKeeper (previously "WatchKeeper International") is a real-time critical event management platform to help corporations assess physical security threats at scale. 


As the marketing associate in summer 2019, I helped scale-out their marketing and generate new leads.  

I also helped design the UI/UX and marketing material of their pilot platform "StormWatch™", a platform to help multinational corporations monitor natural disasters in real-time. 

They are now acquired by Dataminr.


Barclays, Uber, United States Geological Survey, IBM, KTN


B2B marketing

Email campaign

Investor decks




Marketing Associate


Product design and marketing collateral

I helped build the UI/UX of their prototype platform "StormWatch" which was available as a demo for prospective clients to monitor their international assets in relation to real-time hurricane and flood monitoring. 

I also designed pitch decks sent to investors and prospective clients alike, helping generate leads from Barclays, Uber, IBM, the United States Geological Survey and more. 

These pitch decks led us to the semi-finals of the KTN Investment Readiness Programme

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