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Be your own coach

Our revolutionary artificial intelligence technology helps you monitor your body posture and get feedback in real-time.

Our customers’ feedback

Zolit helps people like you to incrementally improve their workout form and put the coaching power into your hands. 

How it works:

All you have to do is film yourself. We take care of the rest 😎

1. Our AI Workout Trainer uses your phone camera to track your workouts, live.

What if you could get feedback on your workouts directly from your phone? 

2. Recieve real-time feedback as you work out

Enable Live Feedback to hear feedback on how you can adjust your workout form as you work out, helping you improve. Alternatively, you can also review your feedback after each workout.

3. Easily track your progress over time

Workout videos clogging up your phone gallery? Store, sort and study your workout videos all on Zolit, and see how you improve over time. 

How it works bad.png

All of your workouts and feedback in your pocket

We believe in the power of tiny gains. Zolit is a tool to help you improve incrementally, every day to achieve your goals. 

This is a fictional project as part of the Entrepreneurial Strategy Project of the MSc Strategic Marketing at Imperial College Business School.

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